The Ark and the Darkness

The Ark and the Darkness Virtual Cinema

$9.99, PG, 125 min, English Subtitles

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Noah's Ark withstands a global flood, corroborated by scientific evidence across disciplines. A team exposes the truth behind this ancient tale found in cultures worldwide, confirming the Biblical account.

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There is a tale over 4,000 years old, preserved in ancient writings from every major culture around the world. Many thought it was only a myth, but recent discoveries confirm what the Bible has said all along. From the Director of Genesis: Paradise Lost, Sevenfold films and Genesis Apologetics present The Ark and the Darkness. Geology, paleontology, the fossil record, ancient history, volcanism, earth science--all of these scientific fields converge on one simple truth: Noah's Flood actually happened. Join our team of scientists from Answers in Genesis and Liberty University as we reveal the truth about Noah's Flood.

Experts Interviewed Include:
- Dr. John Sanford (Genetics, Logos Research Association)
- Dr. Gabriela Haynes (Paleontology, Answers in Genesis)
- Dr. Andrew Snelling (Geology, Answers in Genesis)
- Dr. John Baumgardner (Geophysics, Liberty University)
- Dr. Terry Mortenson (Theology/Geology, Answers in Genesis)
- Dr. Charles Jackson (Professor/Theology, Points of Origin Ministries)
- Dr. Tim Chaffey (Theology, Answers in Genesis)
- Dr. Randall Price (Theology/History Liberty University)
- Dr. Andrew Fabich (Microbiology, Truett McConnel University)
- Dr. Carl Werner (Medical Doctor, Evolution, Grand Experiment)

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